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Higher ACT/SAT scores matter!

We think there are 3 main reasons you want to get the best possible score in either the ACT or SAT:

  1. Your score may get you guaranteed scholarship money
  2. Your score may get you into the school of your choice
  3. Gain confidence that you can succeed in college


Getting scholarship money

The cost of tuition continues to rise year after year. Who wouldn’t want to get some additional money to help pay for it. But are you aware how much scholarship money you can earn?  A good GPA combined with a good ACT/SAT score can pay for 4 years of schooling! I will say that again, because it sounds too good to be true: a good GPA combined with a good ACT/SAT score can pay for 4 years of schooling!

Keep in mind that usually your earning this scholarship money does not depend on you being chosen from a large pool of applicants. If you bring the results, you will get this money.

Find out from the schools near you what the requirements are. They will differ!

Here is an example from the Utah Valley University (UVU) in Orem, Utah (the State university in our immediate neighborhood). UVU has an enrollment of 33,000 students.


This chart may be updated, but as of August 2017, this was official:

It shows that if a student has a High School GPA of 3.9 and an ACT score of 30, UVU will give him/her a presidential scholarship, which pays 100% tuition and fees.  Even with a GPA of 3.5 and an ACT score of 28, you can are considered ‘Outstanding’ and automatically qualify for $3500/year for 4 years. If my Math doesn’t fail me that is $14,000 worth of scholarship money.


Getting into the school of your choice

Many schools do not have open enrollment, meaning they select who they accept and who they reject. If you are planning to attend a university that requires you meet a certain academic standard before they let you in, find out what that standard is and then work, work, work to meet (or better exceed) it. It would be tragic if your dreams were derailed or even just delayed because you missed a couple of points on the ACT or SAT.

Gaining confidence that you can succeed

You undoubtedly take a lot of tests in your High School career. And all of them matter of course. But the ACT or SAT is just a little different. At this point in your life, no other single test you take can influence your academic future as much as the ACT or SAT. True, you can just take it once or twice and be happy that your score reflects your abilities. But you could also approach it as a challenge to prove to yourself and the entire world that you can work hard, stretch yourself, and conquer something that is just outside your reach. Yes, I’m talking about that extra point on the ACT or SAT.

If you ever have a moment, google the word GRIT. Many believe, and I am one of them, that grit is the one single characteristic that separates the ones who excel in their lives from the ones who don’t. Some people make a lot of money ‘excelling’, other’s excel without seeing a financial windfall. But to ‘excel’ at whatever it is you want to do or be, you must have GRIT. If you accept the ACT or SAT as a personal challenge and work diligently toward raising your score, you will add to your personal (inner) trophy case a significant accomplishment that will give you confidence that YOU CAN SUCCEED!